Release Notes – 8th October 2019

What’s New

  • Pricing Bundles. Create pre-populated pricing bundles ready to use for any assigned template allowing for fast creation of quotes.
  • Pricing Libraries. These are now removed and have been combined into Pricing Bundles.
  • System Prompts. All prompts including System, User and Customer prompts are now located in the sidebar when creating a section or template.
  • Pricing Summary Widget. This widget allows you to view a summary of all sections within a document.

Bug Fixes

  • Link to Autotask opportunity was showing when a customer was not connected to Autotask.
  • Prefix not showing for the document reference number in the document list.
  • User and Customer prompts were not working correctly for users not connected to Autotask.
  • Opportunity name is now locked when creating a new opportunity during the document creation process

Release Notes – 13th September 2019

What’s New

  • Stripe Integration. Credit Card information is now stored securely within Stripe and allows for multiple cards to be added to an organisation.
  • ZenContract now caters for customers without Autotask. Accounts and Customers can be added directly into ZenContract.

Bug Fixes

  • Sections were not given a default order when selected within a template. Templates are now given the order in which they are dragged onto a template.
  • User defined prompts were not showing when a document is reviewed. This has now been resolved.
  • When previewing an accepted document, clicking cancel would cause the status to be reset.

Release Notes – 21 August 2019

What’s new

  • User’s now have the ability to duplicate a section, instead of having to copy the content manually from one section to another.
  • Discounts can be set for an entire pricing bundle. Previously users could only set discounts per product.
  • Performance enhancements to the section and template list screens. All section and templates previews are pre-loaded for greater speed.

Bug Fixes

  • When pricing is added to a document, in some cases a page break was visible in the published document. This is now fixed.
  • Customer search now searches on email, account name and customer name.
  • Template builder was not saving correctly during the last step of the wizard. All data is now being saved as expected.
  • Exiting the document creation process early was creating documents with a blank name. A default name is given to documents so that they can be edited under this circumstance.
  • Pricing in bundles and libraries is now formatted to two decimal places.
  • An error was occurring when clicking on the email button in a document with “sent” status. User’s can now email the customer from within a document that is already sent.

Release Notes – July 15,2019

What’s new

  • From today you will notice a new and improved Template Editor. This editor allows drag and drop functionality as well as Word editing features within your browser.
  • Simplified signature process. Customers can now sign directly onto the document using a signature pad.
  • Performance improvements when searching for Autotask Contacts, Accounts and Products.

Bug Fixes

  • Pricing Library not saving correctly when editing an existing library.
  • Remove “Grand Total” from the document pricing area.
  • Pricing on published document has multiple section headers. This has been removed and only one section header per section is visible.
  • Cannot cancel when reviewing a document. User now has the ability to go back to the document process.
  • Mobile view enhancements. Customer defined prompts were not displaying correctly on certain mobile devices.
  • When a Customer is linked to Autotask, the Autotask logo is now displaying in the header navigation.
  • Certain sections were not able to be deleted. This has been rectified.
  • Customers were able to sign multiple times by clicking the submit button multiple times. Button is now disabled and displays a spinner once clicked.
  • Once a customer has signed a document, the document is now locked and all functions removed.
  • When multiple signatures are on a document, the window was not automatically scrolling to each signature block. This is now fixed.


Zen Dog Update – 15th March 2019

“The Times They Are a-Changin” – Bob Dylan 1964


It is our pleasure to welcome Valentina Zuluaga and Justin Sharrocks to our Customer Success team. These are two highly motivated, intellectual new colleagues to the Zen Dog. Their impact on Zen Contract has already been profound. #ZenDogSanDiego

Thank You

A huge thanks to Travis and his team for the endless hours, nights and weekends spent getting Zen Contract into this position. It is nothing but upward and onward from here. My sincere appreciation for your dedication to doing this right.

A Big Deal

This update is a “Big Deal” as it represents not only what you can see, but also what you cant. Zen Dog implemented entirely new structures and architecture. For his cloud service, API layers, service layers, application layer, credential services, back-up, redundancy and database design.

Not to mention an introduction of an all new user experience which will feature more and more as we release new feature over the next two months.

A Worlds First

…In Zen Contract…

After listening to our customers all over the world we have now introduced Quantity Based Pricing. The bottom line on this is you can now have one Autotask Price Item and within Zen Contract write rules that will apply whenever anyone uses that Item.

How does it work?

Go to Pricing Rules, add a new one, select Quantity and you’ll be able to set as many different kinds of tiered pricing applicable to an item as you wish. If you sell a product or a service and it costs your customers less if they buy more this rule will automatically apply itself no matter what.

How is that for protecting your customers pricing !

Another First

Product Bundles

In the same pricing rule admin section you can now create product bundles. For a user of Zen Contract it means they can simply select “Office 365 Single User Install” and Zen Contract will automatically add all associated items that go with this bundle, laid out the way you want it, in the sections you want and ready to go to your customers.

Never forget a critical service or technical resource again as this rule also links up to Autotask and creates all the Quote Items chosen to ensure you deliver.

For now they called “Mandatory” rules.

More Firsts

Probably have to stop saying firsts soon, but it is just so exciting.

Service Catalogs

Once you have written up some rules you can apply these into Service Catalogs, which is a way to do a few things. You can save it against a specific customer – for contracted prcicing

You can also save it as a Static Service Catalog for a fixed period – think yearly, quarterly or biannual service setups.

In addition you’ll be able to save a Service Catalog as “Dynamic” which means you are able to define what your services are made up of but keep the pricing up to date in Autotask. Zen Contract will then make sure your Service Catalog stays totally up to date as you update your prices in Autotask.

For now we have continued to call this the Pricing Library, but it will be renamed to Service Catalogs.

A New User Interface

When logging in, registering or setting up you’ll enjoy some of our new UI as well as that UI working in the new architecture.

We are aiming for a sleek, seamless user experience that is “Mobile” ready

Zen Dog Update – 11th January 2019

Bonus Feature

Zen Dog tracking

From now all emails sent through the system are fully tracked, using advanced monitoring services. While it is still in our admin section we can now tell you all the information pertaining to the success of delivered mails. This is the start of the CRM features we will be introducing on the back of implementations like this. In the future, as a result of this change, Zen Dog will be able to provide information like “How long has my proposal been left unattended” or automate tasks to follow up and many, many more.

If you have a specific question please feel free to contact us via the email address.

Zen Dog Update – 8th January 2019

Happy New Years

It is Official

Contracts are considered official, or rather safely so (in some regions), once both parties have signed. We don’t believe in taking chances so Zen Dog built in an entire counter signature feature. Special parameters can be set per user group to ensure only authorized parties can sign off on contracts. This has been done on a per template basis allowing more control than ever before.

Getting to know Zen Dog 

All our customers, upon sign up, or already loaded, now have the overview template of what Elements, Sections and Templates are. This includes pre-built content for new users and some new ideas for existing users. Zen Dog sends out this template to our new users to demonstrate all the key features of what makes up a document their customers would ultimately use.

Zen Dog is here – or there rather

Zen Dog is the primary support for all accounts. This means that any support that has to be done, or training, is accessed through the Zen Dog user in each account. For the purpose of security, audit trails and peace of mind this user is the only way to access an account. In addition each user account can turn this feature on or off.

New document status

When documents flow through the sign off process, with the new counter signature, it is now easier than ever to see what stage they are in. We have added a new status called “Signed” which means your customer has signed off your contract but the counter signature is still in progress. Once the counter signature has been obtained the document status will change to “Accepted”

Need training ?

Email and lets set up some training for you.

Till we meet again…